Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines COUPLES Nails Photo Contest Entries!

Here are the entries so far in my Valentines Day COUPLES Nails Photo Contest - you may vote for as many as you like!

Yvonne - "My hubby and I are total video game geeks. When I told him about this contest, he was game and immediately suggested Pacman and Ms. Pacman!"
Link for this entry:  http://bit.ly/wel9jo


Carly - "My amazing boyfriend AJ and I in matching China Glaze and Essie water marbles! Polishes used are China Glaze Fanatic Fuchsia, Sweet Hook, Agent Lavender and Essie Play Date!"
Link for this entry:  http://bit.ly/xHuKb8

Alison - "Our Love is Eternal" Conversation Hearts Manicure with my husband! <3 - Link for this entry: http://bit.ly/ydWgf3

Lyndsey - "I let my fiancé choose the colors and design. He chose a Lizard green for my namesake, NailsbyMsLizard.blogspot.com" - Link for this entry: http://bit.ly/xRD81h

Ashley - "He is the rainbow toes after we both got a mani and pedi" - Link for this entry: http://bit.ly/zszF5r


Melissa - " Tuxedo Man & Busty Broad- Valentines Date Night Nails." - Link for this entry: http://bit.ly/Azk1DM

Erica - "Jackson Pollock inspired nail art" - Link for this entry:  http://bit.ly/xS5nHe 

Steve (Me, LacquerMan...) - "Ineligible - The man in the photo is the contest promoter... I can't be an entrant in my own contest. I'm just putting this up for fun. Vote for this if you like it, they won't count toward the prize." - Link for this photo: http://bit.ly/yVNnnb 

There they are... be sure to vote for the ones you like! If you would like to enter the contest, visit my "LacquerMan" Facebook page and look for the Photo Contest link on the left side. Entries will be accepted until 11PM Eastern time on Valentines Day, voting ends at 10 PM Eastern time on 2/18/2012.


Also... I have to say that CONTESTS SUCK!! I have to be fair - which means that I can't say anything about these entries - which is really frustrating! I could heap praise and love on any of these, but if I said something about one that I didn't say about another, I might seem to be trying to influence the vote. Arrrggghhhh! 

I want to thank everyone who has entered so far, and everyone that will enter... and YOU, for reading this and maybe voting for some (or all) of these!


  1. O.K... just because -I- can't comment on the contest entries.... doesn't mean that NOBODY can!!! What do you think of these?

  2. I love them all....but if I had to pick my favorite, it'd be the 'Valentine's Night'...so cute and fun.

  3. "Our Love is Eternal" is so creative and fun!