Thursday, February 2, 2012


Do you remember, in April 2011, the mini controversy that started when J-Crew sent out a promotional email which included photos of their Creative Director - Jenna Lyons - with her 5 y/o son Beckett... and his toes were painted neon pink?

I completely missed this when it happened - I don't get J-Crew emails, and I don't watch the daily morning newstalk shows. But in hindsight, this event might have inspired the bet I ended up losing....

Anyway, I wanted to share this video from "The Daily Show", with Jon Stewart's commentary on the situation:

Also.... WOW!!! I am totally blown away by the response to my interview with Amanda of BerryPolished ! I really appreciate everyone who read it... all the kind words people have said here and elsewhere... everyone who shared or reposted it... all the people who followed my blog - you guys are truly awesome! THANK YOU ALL!!!


  1. That clip is hilarious! I somehow missed that "controversy" when it happened.

  2. There should be more men like you who rock their nail polish! New follower,hi! :-)

    1. Thank you, Thalie! I agree - nail polish should be for everyone! I followed you too.