My Stash & Wishlist

Here is my stash... it's not much, but I bet its bigger than your BF's.... ;)

You may be wondering where a man would keep his nail polishes.... I found a box in my closet with my paintball stuff in it... How perfect is this???

And, of course, this has me wondering... Is a "manly man", playing "manly paintball", still "manly" if a paintball splats paint on his nails? Would nail color be "manly" if it was applied at 300fps from an airgun? Just another random thought about the "macho BS" version of masculinity....

(Also - "right-clicks" have been disabled for all images on this page, because I'll be embedding wishlist photos that belong to others.)

Anyway, here's my stash:
  • ManGlaze:
    • Matte is Murder  (gifted out, need more)
    • Santorum
    • LesBiHonest
  • BB Couture for Men:
    • Grenade
    • Blade Runner
    • Road Warrior
    • Top Gun
    • Commando
    • Ghost Rider
    • Lethal Weapon
  • Zoya
    • Breezi
    • Sarah
  • Milani
    • Deep Thoughts (Thank YOU, Ju Juba!)
  • Butter London:
    • British Racing Green (2/29/12)
    • Knackered
  • Ludurana
    • Emocionante
    • Fascinante
    • Magnifica
  • OPI:
    • HTF
      • My Private Jet 2009 (batch number 09260ABV)
      • My Private Jet 2010 (batch number 10053ABV)
      • A Man In Every Portugal
    • Glitter
      • Crown Me Already
      • Save Me
    • Reds:
      • Midnight in Moscow
      • Bogota Blackberry
    • Orange:
      • Y'All Come Back, Ya Hear?
    • Green:
      • Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow
      • Jade is the New Black
      • Just Spotted the Lizard
      • Live and Let Die
    • Blues:
      • Roadhouse Blues
      • Blue My Mind (x2)
      • Swimsuit.. Nailed It (x2)
      • Fly
      • Navy Shatter
      • NOPI Me + Blue
    • Purples:
      • DS Mystery
      • OPI Ink
      • NOPI Prized Posession Purple
      • Planks A Lot
    • Brown:
      • A-Taupe the Space Needle
      • Get In the Expresso Lane
    • Black
      • NOPI Razzle Dazzler
    • White
      • Alpine Snow
  • Orly
    • Glowstick
  • China Glaze:
    • Agro
    • Watermelon Rind
    • Blue Years Eve
    • Avalanche
    • Sky-High Top
    • Electric Beat
    • Westside Warrior
  • Finger Paints:
    • Avant Garde Green
    • Figure of Art (Brass metallic, reddened with a few drops of Ruby Slippers to a copper metallic)
    • Meet Me at the Met (Silver metallic, with a touch of prismatic* sparkle from Me + Blue)
    • Hue Are You? (light chocolate brown creme)
  • Sinful Colors
    • Cinderella
    • Savage
    • Exotic Green
    • Courtney Orange
    • 24/7
    • Out Of This World
  • Wet & Wild / Fantasy Makers
    • Glow in the Dark
  • Ulta
    • Lucky Penny
  • Piggy Polish
    • Nocture-Nail (glow in the dark)
  • Jordana
    • Ruby Slippers
    • Orangesicle
    • Mellow Yellow
  • Hot Topic
    • 527868 (glow in the dark + blue)

And here's my wishlist:
(My own upcoming) - Plasma Speedo
(My own upcoming) - Berry-Lynn Monroe (These are the first two colors I plan to release)
Milani - "Deep Thoughts" - (photo courtesy of Lacquered Me -
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Click to enlarge

Ludurana - Emocionante
aEngland - Avalon
Butter London - British Racing Green
  • My Private Jet (2007 Original color)
  • La Boheme
  • What's Dune?
  • Sanderella
  • DS Original
Zoya - Edyta
Essie - Armed and Ready
Sinful Colors  - Innocent
Everything Else!
(This will grow - now that I have a place to remember colors I see and love...)


* "prismatic" - I know of two kinds of "holo" in the polish world. One is the linear holo effect of SpectraFlair SF-35 pigment. This is a "coordinated" effect - adjacent pigment grains produce colors that are adjacent in the spectrum - the rainbow color shift is observed across the whole nail. The other "holo" is produced by very small pieces of holographic glitter, like the material in OPI "Save Me". Each glitter particle reflects incoming light into a rainbow, but the glitter flakes are not coordinated with each other. So, adjacent glitters can appear to have very different colors, and a nail with this glitter shows a multitude of bright sparkles of random color. To differentiate this effect from the effect of a linear holo, I call this second type "prismatic", because each glitter flake acts like a miniature prism. I recommend this naming convention to everybody....


  1. Awesome blog & collection! I am also in love with your top 3 favorites. Seriously.. That bar glitter in Save Me is jaw-dropping! I think most people call the prismatic type holo a "scattered" holo. My favorite is the spectraflair linear holo though. My H hasn't painted his nails but he appreciates my polishes. He's got a thing for car paint and is totally floored by the quality in nail polishes. I think you would really like Rescue Beauty's Anne. :)

  2. I'm jealous of your BB Couture collection!

    I think you would like OPI Romeo and Joliet also. Its a brown that leans red. Very hard to describe but one of my favorite OPI shades. If you find an extra La Boheme keep me in mind OK? Its on my lemming list too!