Saturday, June 16, 2012

Malware warnings

I just heard that people are beginning to see malware warnings when looking at blogs. I only use the standard Blogger widgets from Blogspot, so mine should be safe unless the virus has gotten into the servers.
One thing that happens is that a single infected blog can cause malware warnings on any OTHER blog which lists the infected one in its blogroll. So, to be safe, I've temporarily removed my larger blogroll. I'll keep the "men's blogs" list, because it's small and hard to rebuild.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Airbrush Gradient - Roadhouse Blues over Zoya Breezi

Hello Lacquerheads! Just a quick post today to show you a gradient I did with my airbrush. This was an experiment, so I decided to try it with my 4 day old Breezi mani - I've had bad luck with the airbrush before, and I expected to be removing another failed attempt. So, I didn't fix-up the Breezi base, I didn't buff anything or worry about scratches or tip wear. But... this time, it worked! I think the difference was solvent... the airbrush needs a very thin paint, watery consistency - and I had tried before to use acetone and MEK. This time, I used polish thinner - ethyl acetate and butyl acetate - and the airbrush liked these much better. Anyway, I like this enough to keep it a few days. This is just a coat of OPI Roadhouse Blues, thinned about 2S:1P, then dusted over the tips on top of a Zoya Breezi base, then topped with OPI topcoat. Here it is: