Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cowspots and another gradient

Ok... I know I've been lazy, and I'm sorry!

Today, I have two manis to share. I did the first one on Tuesday for Wednesday's "Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day". I went there to support the First Amendment and to protest the mayors who threatened official retaliation for what was an exercise of First Amendment rights. This is what I wore:

This was cute, but a little busy for me. I used OPI "Alpine White", then just dabbed on some random splotches of Sally Girl black. No close-up here, because I was in a hurry and a little sloppy. I got a few nice compliments though, and the CFA crew loved it!

Saturday, I got tired of cowspots, so I tried a new gradient.This one was inspired by Lindsey at "Neverland Nail Blog" - look at how gorgeous her nails are!

Pink is not my color. But I thought this would look good with purple, so I picked up CG "Flying Dragon" and OPI "My Pointe Exactly" and fired up my airbrush. I learned something with my last gradient - I was painting the whole nail with the root color, then spraying on the tip color. When I got tip wear, it made a super thin line of root color right on the tip, which I didn't like so much. Touchups on a gradient are terribly difficult too. So, this time, I painted the tip color 2/3 of the way to the root, then sprayed the root color on top, then sprayed a final thin dusting of tip color. After a clear topcoat, here's the result:

I would ask whether you like mine or Lindsey's better - but I think there's no contest, her mani is what I think angels wear in Heaven! I like mine, but I love hers! Then again, I've said before that Lindsey can do absolutely no wrong with her nails - I'm simply in awe of her skills and her gorgeous hands!