Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cowspots and another gradient

Ok... I know I've been lazy, and I'm sorry!

Today, I have two manis to share. I did the first one on Tuesday for Wednesday's "Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day". I went there to support the First Amendment and to protest the mayors who threatened official retaliation for what was an exercise of First Amendment rights. This is what I wore:

This was cute, but a little busy for me. I used OPI "Alpine White", then just dabbed on some random splotches of Sally Girl black. No close-up here, because I was in a hurry and a little sloppy. I got a few nice compliments though, and the CFA crew loved it!

Saturday, I got tired of cowspots, so I tried a new gradient.This one was inspired by Lindsey at "Neverland Nail Blog" - look at how gorgeous her nails are!

Pink is not my color. But I thought this would look good with purple, so I picked up CG "Flying Dragon" and OPI "My Pointe Exactly" and fired up my airbrush. I learned something with my last gradient - I was painting the whole nail with the root color, then spraying on the tip color. When I got tip wear, it made a super thin line of root color right on the tip, which I didn't like so much. Touchups on a gradient are terribly difficult too. So, this time, I painted the tip color 2/3 of the way to the root, then sprayed the root color on top, then sprayed a final thin dusting of tip color. After a clear topcoat, here's the result:

I would ask whether you like mine or Lindsey's better - but I think there's no contest, her mani is what I think angels wear in Heaven! I like mine, but I love hers! Then again, I've said before that Lindsey can do absolutely no wrong with her nails - I'm simply in awe of her skills and her gorgeous hands!


  1. Lindsey's nails are fab aren't they?!

    Love the'cowspot' mani and especially love the reason behind it.

    I have yet to master the gradient mani. I have done a glitter gradient that was a lot of fun tho. I may need to repeat it soon and blog it this time.

    Speaking of which I've been neglecting mine too....

  2. Wow, thank you for such kind words =]! I think you did awesome, I just love the colors you used! Great work, and thanks for the mention =]!

    1. Lindsey, you are too sweet! Did you SEE your mani? - I didn't praise it enough by half! I honestly think there are no words that adequately express the sublime awesomeness of yours, "what angels wear in Heaven" was the best I could come up with, and even that falls short!

      Just... WOW!! <3

  3. Cowspots are tops in my book! You use an airbrush? Would you show us a tutorial sometime? That sounds like an excellent technique :-)

  4. Your blog was recommended, but no one told me you supported hate groups or I wouldn't have bothered. Expressing an opinion is a First Amendment right. Giving money to hate groups is not.

    1. I respect your opinion, and your right to say it - even here on my blog, and even though it is false and hateful speech against me.

      I do not "give" money to hate groups. I do not "give" money to anybody. I PAID for a MEAL, I paid a RESTAURANT its regular, posted price for the meal, and I received a meal that to me was of greater value than the money I paid for it. Once I ate the meal, the money I paid for it was no longer mine. If any portion of it was then given by the corporation to what YOU CALL a "hate group", that is THEIR business, and THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT.

      The USSC (since Roe v. Wade, the "holy spirit" of Progressivism's theology ('there is no God but Government - all-powerful, all-knowing, all-good, all blessings and miracles originate in government - Our Father, who art in Washington, hallowed be thy name..)) - the Left's hallowed USSC has declared that "Money is speech" and "Corporations are legally persons, with the 1st Amdt Right of Speech". Therefore, IF any portion of the money I TRADED for a meal, was subsequently given by the corporation to FFC, that gift was an exercise of the corporation's right of free speech.

      The fact that YOU CALL a particular RELIGIOUS group a "hate group", does not negate the First Amendment.

      I have never "given money to a hate group".
      I have never endorsed the content of any hate speech.
      In one instance in my whole life, I have had the power to suppress the hate speech of another, and out of respect for the First Amendment, I have refused to do so - which is why YOUR HATE SPEECH ABOVE has not been deleted. Have a great day.

    2. This is why I can not support Progressivism. Do you see what you're doing? Because you disagree with FFC's message and YOU THINK that a large enough group of people agree with you, you believe that your OPINION is enough to label FFC as a "hate group", and without ANY official determination (no due process), YOUR OPINION is enough to SUSPEND THE FIRST AMENDMENT! How is that different from a lynch mob? You are the online equivalent of a villager with a pitchfork and a torch, and your idea of "progress" is to set aside our Constitution, our laws, due-process in our courts - and return to "government" by the daily whim of angry mobs! That's just OUTSTANDING!

    3. I had to delete a second post from "Anonymous" here. Too many false claims, essentially a repeat of the first post, and a failure to address even one of my criticisms of their belligerent "discussion" methods. Their right to speak does not include a right to be heard - and my ownership of this blog gives me the right to refuse to be bullied and harassed here.

      I remain as proud of myself for standing with CFA to support their freedom of speech, as I am proud to have worn a skirt, nylons and nail polish to support "Slutwalk Cleveland 2012" (yes, I am officially a slut) and to have written extensively about how the act of assembling a family by marriage is an exercise of the First Amendment Right of Assembly which must be protected for all. Unlike "Anonymous", I am not blinded by either Party's ideology, I do not place "loyalty to a side" above common sense, and I respect those who will engage with me in an honest discussion of the issues. "Anonymous" made no attempt to discuss anything, they merely exploited my blog to spout their hate, parroting talking points (as indisputable fact) that even Jon Stewart rejected. I'm preserving their original comment, because I believe it's important for people to see and understand the true belligerence, intolerance and hatred of the radical "tolerant" Left... but I will accept no more comments of this type.

  5. Come back, Steve :) I freakin' miss your blog :)