Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Gradient

Today, I fixed my airbrush... the old hose had split, so I had to find a new one. Of course, each airbrush maker uses a different size fitting, so Iawata hoses aren't compatible with Paasche airbrushes, etc... bigger pain in the butt than it should have been....

But I got it done!

To celebrate, I did another airbrush gradient. This time, I used OPI "Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow" over China Glaze "Entourage". Here's the result:

If you haven't tried an airbrush, you really should - this is such a cool look!


  1. Looks great Steve, it makes me want to dig out my late uncles air brush. It has been collecting dust since his passing. He may roll over in his grave if he knew I was going to use it on my nails!

  2. Hey Steve, you should do a tutorial on how to use nail polish with an air gun. I have an air gun, someone gave me for free and would love to try it... if I had a clue as to what I should be doing with it.

    1. Great idea Emily! Steve you have got to do it.

    2. Em, I'll do it! Send me a photo of your airbrush, and I'll be able to tell you more about it...

  3. Steve, Thank you so much! My man and I are in the process of cleaning out the jam packed basement for a yard sale next weekend, so I should be able to find it and take some photos soon. I was told there is a compressor with it, but we also have another much bigger compressor to use with air powered nail guns and such if I need it. Is there any particular e-mail address I should use to send you a picture?

  4. wow I loved this mani. Congratulation....I am following you. Loved your blog.