Sunday, April 15, 2012

BBC "Grenade" vs CG "Agro" Comparison

Hello lovely ladies and lacquered lads... Today, I saw a swatch of CG "Agro", and it's a gorgeous color... but it reminded me very much of my beloved third-ever color, BB Couture For Men "Grenade". So, here's a comparison:

The index & ring have Grenade, the middle and pinky have Agro. Please excuse the sloppy cuticles - I was rushing to catch the sun...

Taken in full sun:

Taken in indirect sunlight:

These colors are very similar, but they're not dupes. The Agro has more of the gold shimmer, in the sunlight it's almost hard to call it a green. The Grenade shows a more subtle gold shimmer in the sun, and is a deeper, more elegant green indoors and in the shade.

Application was great with both products - I slapped these on thick, with little drying between coats, and both were very forgiving... no bubbles or dragging from either one. If I didn't have either, I'd be happy with the other, but if I could only pick one, I would take the Grenade. OTOH, the Grenade costs more, and I had to order mine, while China Glaze is available at many conveniently located cosmetics retailers!

Considering the similarity between these two colors, I would guess that Agro might have been inspired by Grenade - but that's PURELY a guess. IF it's true, that would mean that China Glaze is trying to emulate a MEN'S Nail Color - which I see as an awesome sign for the whole male polish "movement".

I purchased each of these with my own money, and I have not been compensated in any way for this review.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2009 My Private Jet! SCORE!!

(Here's the blog post I promised on Saturday )
<Singing> (with apologies to Dean Martin)
How lucky can one guy be?
I found one, right next to three..

I'm the fella that said,
"Gimme all four of My Private Jet!"

This color ain't really black
But I'm never takin' 'em back.
I said "just wrap 'em to go
I love that holo-y glow!"

My head keeps spinning;
I see my hands and I can't stop grinning.
Hope you don't mind my singing,
but this color is so beautiful.
When the sun hits my nails just right,
Rainbow flashes fill me with delight!
It's like the nail tech said
"I'll make you a bet..
you're gonna love My Private Jet!"

Like the nail tech said,
You gotta get My Private Jet!

My head keeps spinning;
I see my hands and I can't stop grinning.

Hope you don't mind my singing,
but this color is so beautiful.

It's not Original '07 "Jet"
2009 was the best I could get;
Still, the holo is there;
Thank God for Spectraflair!
You know I'll be keepin' the set;
Tell me quick, don't you love 'Jet?
Don't you love, My Private Jet?

This was my second attempt at a dusty hunt - I hauled these 4 pretties home and also a bottle of "A Man In Every Portugal" - my first OPI black label, it's like a creme version of my beloved "Bogota Blackberry", so it's a better match to my favorite shirt!

Of course, I'm still keeping an eye out for an original, 2007 MPJ... but I'm incredibly happy to have found these!