Saturday, October 20, 2012

NOTD - CG "Electric Beat" (fingers), Gradient (toes)

Hello friends!

Just checking in to share my latest mani & pedi..

First, on my hands, I'm wearing CG "Electric Beat", with an accent of Ludurana "Magnifica" holo. The CG went on smooth, covered in two coats. It reminds me of Zoya "Breezi" but just a little less saturated, which makes it feel more "Fall-ish" to me. For the accent, I applied one coat of the Magnifica, then when it was completely dry, I buffed with Layla's special pink/white buffer, then applied a second coat of Magnifica. No top coat on these, but I'll update this if I add a topcoat. I'm also toying with the idea of adding Orly "Glowstick" to this to make a gradient - if I do, that will be a new post.

On my toes, first I wore CG "Beach Cruise-r" for about a week.Then, I decided to do a gradient, so I sprayed a blue (Zoya "Breezi", I think) at the nail root. People have asked if there's a lot of overspray from the airbrush, so I'm posting before and after cleanup photos so you can see for yourselves. This is very much like the last gradient I did on my hands, but that one used grey on the roots instead of blue. (I think that next summer, I'll try a "Bleach Blonde" gradient - yellow with a thin brown root.. ;)

Not too much overspray here - and when I use the airbrush, I start by putting Chapstick or another brand of lip balm all around the nails, so the overspray peels right off.


  1. Those blues in your mani are just perfect together, and your pedi looks amazing. One of these days I'll pull off a pretty gradient. Do you find airbrushing to be simpler than sponging? Oh, and rofl at "bleached blonde" gradient... Can't wait to see it!! ;)

  2. Nice pedi Steve. Your nails are looking good! Are your nail natural or do you have gel or acrylic overlays? My nails were too weak, so I have acrylic now.

  3. I love your gradients. And the blues in your mani go together perfectly!

    I can't wait to see your 'Bleached Blonde' gradient when you do it! Lol.

  4. That pedi looks amazing! Wow, so envious of you right now.

  5. That pedi is amazing!!! I am a sucker for a good blue, so I am loving the mani as well!