Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I never wear black. But today, nothing else will do.

I promised that this blog would be my "adventures with nail color". To me, that means the good and the bad. Today, I am absolutely despondent about the outcome of yesterday's election. I'm not too upset that I lost my race for the Ohio 14th Congressional District - I had a campaign budget of $85, which covered the filing fee - but the outcome of the Presidential race, and the whole lying, stinking, foul, corrupt process that led up to it, has me literally beside myself with grief. It turns out that "HOPE" is a finite resource, and I feel like my hope has been taxed to extinction, to be redistributed to those who support Mr. Obama. I see no way for America to avoid fiscal emergency and a prolonged, painful period of economic catastrophe and unnecessary decline. And, I believe that as the problems worsen, as the promises CAN'T be kept and people's hardships increase, they will increasingly look for MORE impossible, illogical promises from Uncle Sam for their salvation.

I am in despair. And, the only color that fits my mood, is black.

I wanted to wear my ManGlaze "Matte is Murder", but I had given it away last Summer when I was feeling particularly hopeful. So, the best I could do on short notice was NOPI "Razzle Dazzler". I wasn't happy with the application, it was a bit thick and hard to apply evenly - but I've had this one untried for about a year, so it's probably just age. Anyway, here it is:

Also, on Monday, I ripped off half of the tip of my index (pointer) fingernail, right own to the quick - bleeding and everything. Sorry for the uneven length.

Anyway, if you're happy with the election result, congratulations. If you're unhappy about it, know that you're not alone, and that nothing lasts forever - this too shall pass.


  1. I agree with all you said. Perfect color for the mood.

  2. I also agree with you. I'm very concerned about the future of this country.

  3. I made a conscious decision to not only not limit myself to the lesser of two evils, but to to step away from the presidential election altogether this year. I was surprised, having done this, at how angry I was at the outcome. I thought your PaA post was spot on. It would have been very interesting to see what an actual businessman would have done with this mess. The GOP is in a downward spiral, and adding fuel to that "war on women" hogwash lost them the election. But maybe that's who they are. The thing is, mysogynistically sexist as that party came across this time around, had Romney won, no one would have come close to losing any basic rights. I cannot say the same for this administration.

    1. You're right about the GOP. The party is actually schizophrenic - the "establishment" GOP (the insiders, the elected officials and Party bosses) are in government/politics because they feel government can "fix things", and their goal is to obtain power over the population. The Party's constituents are more or less Conservatives, who generally believe government screws things up, and who want government to have less power over the population.

      Of course, there's much contradiction on the Dem side too. If, as the say, corporations hiring workers and selling products in a relatively free market are "exploiting people" (without using guns)... how much more exploitation would there be when the employer/merchant is the government (with authority to use guns)? THE problem with health care was described by Dems as "evil, greedy insurance companies" - right up to the moment when it was decided that the "solution" was to REWARD the [same] insurance companies with about 30 million [mandated] new customers?

      I am starting to believe that much of the screwing-up by government (BOTH Parties) is deliberate, intentional, because as things get more screwed-up, people in need turn increasingly to... government! Solving problems would actually reduce the need for government - by solving problems they would be working to make themselves less necessary - and less powerful.