Thursday, May 17, 2012

My First Lippmanns - "Dancing In The Sheets"

Greetings, lacquered lads and lovely ladies! It's my turn to jump on the Lippmann bandwagon - I got in on the HSN "Footloose" clearance, and picked up Deborah Lippmann's "Dancing In The Sheets" and "Let's Hear It For The Boy" for $5 each. I have to say that I love the name of LHIFTB... but I'm not terribly fond of the color. So, I decided to try DITS first.

This is a really interesting dark purple with blue shimmer.

Everything I've read about Lippmann's formula is true. This went on great, covered in two coats, flowed out and leveled really nice - the finish is amazing, I don't think my nails have ever looked so good! My only complaint is that at night, this color is dark enough to be mistaken for black. I try to stay away from blacks, because I don't like how black polish is associated with the goth/emo fashion thing - but that's just personal preference. With summer coming, and more of my time spent outdoors in the sun, this is a great daytime color for me.

I can see why people are so enthusiastic about Lippmann colors. For me though, the regular price is still hard to justify - I'm a meat & potatoes kind of guy, and at $16/bottle, Lippmanns are filet mignon - but this was a STEAL at $5. Thank You Michelle for giving me the heads-up on this sale!


  1. Oh, wow! This color is very nice. I haven't tried any Lippmanns yet...its a shame I missed that sale, oh well maybe next time :O)

  2. Gorgeous! I'm reminded of Van Halen, though. :D