Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Camera Sucks!

I have to start by begging your forgiveness - I'm going to put up all the photos I've taken prior to starting this blog, but I don't yet have a camera that will take a nice crisp closeup. So these are all a little blurry, kinda pixellated, not presentation quality.... but they do give an idea of the fun I've been having.

I've started looking for a new camera - I definitely want something with a lot of pixels and a macro setting. Until then, this is the best I can do...   ( "/\" is "above".... and "\/" is "below".. colors are OPI unless otherwise specified)

/\ & \/   Jordana "Ruby Slippers" #161
(OPI "Bogota Blackberry" is a better polish in about the same color)

\/    NOPI "Prized Possession Purple"  

\/   BB Couture for Men "Grenade"

\/   OPI "Blue My Mind"

\/   "Blue My Mind", "Planks A Lot", "Roadhouse Blues" and "Clear TC", 
marbled over Finger Paints "Meet Me At The Met"

\/   Manglaze "Santorum" matte, with a little topcoat here & there

\/  OPI "Midnight in Moscow"

\/   Here are three as-yet unnamed mattes coming soon from BB Couture

\/  ManGlaze "LesBiHonest", matte, with dots of clear TC
(idea from Amanda at BerryPolished)

And that's it more or less... I didn't get photos of the copper metallic I wore, because it just kinda flopped with my skin tone, I also missed grabbing shots of "Planks a Lot", "Roadhouse Blues", FingerPaints "Hue Are You", China Glaze "Watermellon Rind" and ManGlaze "Matte is Murder" (which really does match the color of a Glock 9 - awesome!)

I promise - more, better photos coming soon!


  1. I use my Droid Charge's camera, it's 5 mega pixle. It is good enough for entire foot shots, but sucks for close ups of a nail to show a colors awesomeness. Until I get better at polishing, I don't want to zoom in any closer! :)

  2. SUPER impressed with your marbling. I usually get 7 good nails and three that make me go 'f-it' and ditch the whole works. Or a drop of polish sinks and disintegrates my styrofoam bowl. There's usually a lot of swearing either way.

  3. I'm loving your blog. Found you from Ask Cathy. I'm going to follow you as soon as I finish my comment!

    OPI Midnight in Moscow is one of my all-time favorite OPIs, especially for pedis. I just recently knocked it off my lemming list. Bogota Blackberry is also one I love. It was actually my first OPI polish.

    I'm impressed with your water-marbling skills. I have attempted it many times and have failed every time!

    Keep doing what you're doing. More men need to realize the benefits of polishing their nails. The world would be much more colorful and less biased I think.