Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Love You Guys!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank my 8 followers - you guys ROCK!

so, Thank You, Kim, Kimberly, Kimberleigh, Amanda, Amanda, Jeanne, Aisha and Jim !!!

**UPDATE 1/27**
SWEET - 16 people are following me! Thank Yous to Haul of Fame, Red Rogue, Polished Components, Mandy, Elfleidy, Zeke'sMom, and Jake!

It really means a lot to me that everybody in this hobby has been so kind and accepting, and I'm very glad to know you! Thanks again!


  1. Your welcome! I am just glad to see more guys putting them selves out there to help show that polish doesn't have to mean your gay or want to be a women.

  2. This little polish hobby of mine gives me so much happiness I am all for it being for everyone!

  3. You've got 14 followers now... you're on a roll! :o)

  4. You're welcome! Hopefully after this Wednesday we can get the number even higher :)