Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Snakeskin Nails! & Snakeskin Redux

Snakeskin Nails

OK... I've been wanting to try this for a long time. There are a bunch of youtube tutorials out there about creating a faux snakeskin look on your nails - basically, they all involve sponging accent colors over two different sizes of mesh. I used a piece of tulle (fine mesh, to simulate the scales (OK, they're not really scales like fish have..)) and a piece of woven (macrame?) mesh like is used for laundry bags, to create the color patterns.

I used a base of OPI "Alpine Snow", then sponged Sally Girl "Grape" (really, a light tan) over the tulle mesh, then alternated CG "Hook and Line" and Essence "Chic Reloaded" (an AWESOME green duochrome with maroon flash) with the sponge over the coarse mesh

I'm not totally happy with the outcome, but it was my first attempt. I will definitely try this again with my airbrush instead of the sponges. Anyway, here is the result:



Also, my toes have been rocking CG "Flying Dragon" for about a week. I think it's my favorite purple... And, I just love these shoes. Men's sandals are always so bulky, they conceal the foot way too much.Flip-flops are more revealing, but I hate the sound they make, and the feeling like they could fly off at any time. These shoes are women's thong flats, with an enclosed heel and ankle strap, $20 at Payless, and I think they look great!

Snakeskin Redux

I said I wasn't quite happy with the outcome above, and I would try again with my airbrush. After wearing that for a day, I was almost content with the thumb, but seriously annoyed by the rest. So, I wiped it all off, and tried again. This time, I skipped the fine mesh tulle, I left off "Hook and Line", and I used the airbrush thru the coarse mesh. After the base white, I sprayed the whole nail, all 5, with Sally "Grape" (it's a TAN!!), removing the mesh from each to dry. Then, I mixed up some "Chic Reloaded", realigned the mesh on each finger, and sprayed some highlight areas. I got a kind of ombre effect, but in shapes - a couple of chevrons, a couple of lengthwise stripes. (This mani would have been much easier if I had two airbrushes set up, one for each color, to avoid realigning the mesh patterns on each nail.) Finally, I removed the mesh and VERY LIGHTLY dusted the whole nail with the "Chic Reloaded" - not enough to darken the tan or white parts, but enough to get a little duochrome flash on everything. What you can't see in the photos is the gorgeous, shimmery maroon flash from the "Chic Reloaded", which really makes this look like a snakeskin.

(I had considered "Just Spotted the Lizard" instead of "Chic", but "Lizard" is a bit more foil-ey or flakey - I was worried that larger flakes might not pass well thru my airbrush.)

I am much happier with this version - THIS is why I own an airbrush!!:


  1. LOVE the sandals and the pedi and kudos for trying something so complex on your hands! It looks pretty cool to me :) Good call, using Chic Reloaded. It is a very cool duochrome and you've reminded me I still need to wear it. Nice to see you again!

    1. Oh, and I seriously hate flipflops, lol. They're a lousy excuse to not match your shoes to your outfit and that is my opinion. ;)

  2. I loved the snake effect. Had never seen it before! Gorgeous!!! You should post more often Steve!

  3. Nice to get a post after a long interval! LOVE the flying dragon and I agree, I like these shoes better.