Monday, March 17, 2014

NOTD - St. Pat's Mani 2014

Here is my mani for St. Patrick's Day. It's another sponge gradient - this time, with OPI "Jade is the New Black" and "Alpine Snow".

I'm still getting inconsistent results with the sponge method - the fades aren't as smooth as my airbrush makes them, and the polish solvents slowly soften the sponge, so if I use one too long, I start to get little lumps of sponge sticking to my nails... but, cleanup of the airbrush is such a hassle that this method is worth more practice.

And, I'm still limited to only weekends in polish, so it's harder to justify the time to make a perfect mani. One way I'm lucky to be a man, is that I have much less competition... my manis are infinitely better than 99% of what other men have... ;)

Also, here is a link to a column with several fun and cute ideas for St. Pat's manis - give these a look!

Anyway, here are my NOTD:

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